Monday, April 26, 2010

Android tethering for Puppy

How do you tether an Android Motorola Droid to a Linux Puppy?

I have an old Pentium III laptop, running Puppy 4.31.1 (Macpup Foxy 3) and a Droid phone.  Using the phone to supply internet connectivity to the Puppy is easy using USB tethering - provided you can add some functionality to the kernel on the phone.

The easiest way to do that is to root the phone and then install the Clockwork ROM updater (from the Marketplace) in order to install Cyanogen's ROM.  This of course voids your warranty and whatnot, but it's fairly easy to do and allows for a bit more functionality.

With the phone prepared, you'll need to:
  • Turn OFF USB SD drive access
  • Turn ON Settings-> Applications-> USB debugging
  • Turn ON Settings-> Wireless & Network-> Internet tethering
  • Connect the USB cord to the Droid and the Puppy
  • Launch Network Wizzard on the Puppy.   You should now see USB as a network option.  Verify the network, DHCP, and you're good to go.
Verizon allows 5G/mo transfer on their "unlimited" plan.

I did have a bit of difficulty connecting through WIFI and BT.  The WIFI problems I suspect are due to the ad-hoc nature of the WIFI programs:  Barnacle, WIFI Tether for Root Users.  My WIFI card may have limited support.  My Bluetooth adapter may also have limited driver support or functionality.

I also had difficulty utilyzing methods employing the Android Development Kit Tools.  For some reason, my Puppy seemed to behave flaky -- most of the time the command 'devices' yields no results.  This prevented me from attempting various proxy methods.

And the popular PDANet was out because of an apparent lack of Puppy support.

Thanks to all the folks on,, and!

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